Severance Blade of Darkness The Game - Download Severance: Blade of Darkness Game

Severance Blade of Darkness The Game - Download Severance: Blade of Darkness Game

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Severance Blade of Darkness The Game

Switching to another sword will cause the broken sword to heal over time. You can also fill up a sword's bar by collecting souls(green flames) scattered across the levels, or by killing foes. There is a also a neat little move that happens if you switch to a sword with a full bar. When you switch to that sword, you get a neat little special attacks that fills up the whole screen with sword strikes, causing all the enemies to fly in the air.

— old promo for the game Severance: Blade of Darkness. aka Blade: Edge of Darkness

— I bought this ten years ago, and have fond memories. But has the game stood the test of time, or has gaming moved on ahead of it?

One of my first stops on E3 was to Ignition Entertainment's booth. I was pretty excited to visit them, due to them having Muramasa: The Demon Blade in playable form.

— Over the past week we’ve heard a lot of casting rumors regarding Christopher Nolan’s Batman sequel, The Dark Knight Rises, but today we’ve got some technical news. In the last sequel The Dark Knight, several sequences were shot using IMAX cameras and the finished product was gorgeous. The folks over at Collider are hearing that the follow up might benefit from that and be shot entirely in the format.

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"Prepare to embark on an epic journey through mystical ancient Japan in Muramasa: The Demon Blade, an ambitious new adventure designed for exclusively for the Nintendo Wii. Set during the feudal Genroku era, this game features two distinct heroes -- Kisuke, a brave young lad who's lost his memory, and Momohime, a lithe female ronin possessed by a dark spirit. Kisuke and Momohime must independently venture across the dangerous countryside, racing to collect a stash of cursed swords before the vile Shogun can amass their dark powers. Watch as the destinies of those drawn to these legendary blades unfold, as Dragon and Demon Gods from the netherworld appear to challenge those who wield them. Who will you encounter? Friend or foe? Find out in Muramasa: The Demon Blade."

Anyway, the game focuses around the swords you obtain throughout the game. Each sword has a special attack and it can be triggered with the B button. There is a limit to how many special attacks you can do though as each sword has its own bar representing its durability. Each time you use a special attack, the durability of the sword lessens. There are other ways for the sword to lose strength as well, like using it to block and getting hit. When that durability bar empties, the sword will then break. Luckily you can have three different swords equipped at one time, and can easily switch amongst them with the C button.

So when I finally got my chance to play Muramasa for the first time, I just had to take a moment to just stare in awe at the gorgeous visuals of the game. The art style is the main thing that really drew me to this game, and seeing it in motion(in person) is quite the experience in itself. It's not too surprising as the game was developed by Vanillaware, the guys responsible for Odin Sphere. And if you loved the visuals for Odin Sphere, then you will defintely love them in Muramasa. This is simply one of the best looking Wii games out there, with its beautiful hand-drawn 2D art style.

The attack system is quite a blast to play too. It's so easy to hit an enemy in the air and then just bust a combo on it. Even juggling an enemy isn't hard. You can even have multiple enemies being hit at once, and that's where things get pretty awesome. Nothing wrong with hitting a bunch of enemies in the air and slashing them up.

There is one thing that I didn't particularly like about the controls, and that's jumping. Instead of having the jump button implemented onto a button, the developers decided to input it onto the up direction. If you've played Super Smash Bros. then you should know how this works. So to jump, to just push your joystick in the up direction, and you can also double jump and tapping it twice. It's not too big of a deal, but I would have preferred the jump to be inputted onto a button.

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If you don't know, Muramasa: The Demon Blade is a 2D side-scrolling action adventure for the Nintendo Wii. Here's a summary of the game provided by the publisher:

Severance Blade of Darkness The Game — Title: Blade Of Darkness alone Developer: Codemasters Category: Tuesday the action-adventure Release date: 2001 Section: 4 Size: 0.7gb about pass: - Free megaupload game install download

Written by Podunker:Kyro

Before I could begin slashing my foes, there were a couple options I had to choose. First was the difficulty, having to choose between Musa and Shura. Musa is the easier difficulty of the two so I went with that one, since it was my first time playing the game. After choosing the difficulty, I was then asked to choose my character. There are two characters in the game, Kisuke and Momohime. I decided to go with Momohime.

— Jaime Jasso is a matte painter who worked on Mass Effect 2 and several films...maybe Blade Runner 2 is next?

The game starts you off with a tutorial, explaining to you the controls and mechanics of the game. I played with the Wii remote and nunchuck layout, but the Wii classic controller is another option. The controls are pretty simple. You attack with the A button. Pushing it multiple times will perform a combo attack and combining it with different directions has your character performing other attacks. For example, combining A with left and right, and alternating between the two directions, has your character gliding across the screen and hitting enemies in an upward motion.


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