Battle Beast Ultimate Fighting Game - Download Battle Beast Game

Battle Beast Ultimate Fighting Game - Download Battle Beast Game

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Battle Beast Ultimate Fighting Game

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Battle Beast Ultimate Fighting Game — A fierce battle between so-called imaginary beasts

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— The Coolest and the Lamest Battle Beast animals.

The Battle of Armageddon, like the mark of the beast, has been speculated about incessantly.  The word itself conjures images of destruction, terror and utter devastation.  From the best-selling Left Behind novels, to an endless string of Hollywood movies, people have conjectured and guessed about this cosmic clash of the ages.  As with the true "mark of the beast" all such theories have erred, not understanding that the true cosmic conflict spanning the millennia is over worship.  The Battle of Armageddon is but the final campaign in the long-running warfare which started when Lucifer boasted that he would sit on the Mount of the Congregation, Mount Mo'edim.

The internet has long been an outlet for leisure—a short break from doing laundry or doing homework. But when work is attached, it doesn't always mean stress. One can actually profit from spending too much time on the internet, and no, this does not pertain to harvesting crops in cutesy Farmville or shopping ‘til you drop in the streets of It Girl. A few clicks here and there might just land you a free Apple iPhone 4—real, fully functioning, and all yours. Now, tell me how are your virtual earnings on Farmville going to compete with the cold hard iPhone you could earn with a real, paying job?

— Remember the 1 inch tall Battle Beasts toys? These old school toys took rock, paper, scissors to another level!

The very word Armageddon reveals the nature of this battle.  It is an unusual word, used only once in scripture.  While Revelation was not written in Hebrew,(1) the word is actually a combination of two Hebrew words.  The first is har (#2022) which simply means "mountain."  Scholars are divided as to the second word in the combination.  Some believe it is #4023: Megiddo, which was a place in Palestine.  The problem with this interpretation is that when one goes to where Megiddo was there is no mountain there!  In fact, there is just a valley: "the Valley of Megiddo."(2)

Other scholars believe the second word is #4150: mo'ed.  This is the more consistent choice.  Armageddon, har mo'edim, is the same Mount Mo'edim which Lucifer claimed he would possess, sitting on the Mount of the Congregation, receiving all worship.(3)  This is the climax of the entire conflict and it is fought, as always, on the battlefield of worship.


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